Inherent in our working principles is the commitment to win over the trust of market not with untrue promises of quality but with quality.

We are a client centric company that believes absolute satisfaction of client’s requirements is the key to an everlasting success. In other words, we look at quality from the point of view of our customers.

Alstone International has acquired most advanced technology of quality control and checking that consists of hi-tech testing labs equipped with latest machines and equipments. For sustaining and strengthening the ‘quality chain’ at Alstone International, we conduct different tests powered by

Lab Instruments

  • Weighting machine
  • Colour matching cabinet
  • Gloss Meter
  • Scratch hardness tester
  • Impact tester
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Coating thickness guage

The efficacy of tests is determined and reinforced by conducting these in different environmental conditions replicated in our in-house testing lab. Stringent quality measures and closely monitored quality checks ensure that our finished products are robust, dependable, and long lasting and meet the following international standards:

  • ISO
  • ASTM