Interior design and decoration is the art of shaping the ambience of an interior space. Interior elements should work together and complement each other to strengthen the whole composition. A way to create a theme or storyline is with the well-considered use of decorative wall panels.

Our panels are an innovative, exciting and have fresh approach to add character & aura to any apace.

Our diverse range of Alstone ART 2D inspired panels instantly create a unique and individual style within your home or business.

Our panels are fire retardant/water resistant/lightweight and very easy to install.

They are used to create splash back, doors, cabinet inserts, partitions, interior windows dividing screens, feature walls, art work, bed heads, TV and media walls, entry feature and dining rooms etc.

Alstone ART panels express the whole spirit and life of a scheme, they make a room feel warmer and cooler and it can also provide an illusion to depth making a space feel larger or smaller also can be used to maintain and enhance a casual feeling.

The use of Alstone ART series maintains a sense of balance, scale and proportion to your vision.

Size Available 4x8 feet
Thickness 6mm,12mm and 18mm
Colors frosty white and natural wood